Where craftsmanship meets innovation

Welcome to NIX

At NIX we believe that luxury is not solely defined by price tags or brand names, but rather by the unique stories and emotions that each timepiece carries. Our approach is rooted in the appreciation of heritage watches, respecting their timeless craftsmanship while breathing new life into them through distinctive design interventions. Every watch we produce is a testament to our passion for innovation and individuality.


Quality is the cornerstone of our brand

Every NIX design is carefully considered and meticulously crafted by our team of engineers and horologists. Each of whom bring decades of experience and expertise to every piece they create.

NIX is an independent customisation business. We offer limited edition, customised versions of pieces from existing brands, at the request of our customers. We do not manufacture watches nor purchase pieces directly from brands.

We are neither affiliated with nor authorised by the manufacturers of the clients watches that we customise.

Our limited-edition custom watches are provided for personal and private use only.